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Reconnecting and Rebuilding the African Diaspora & Africa.

 Through targeted initiatives designed to alleviate health & social disparities, our focus is geared towards fundamental human rights and access to the basic necessities needed for all to survive and thrive.

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At Wood & Water International Foundation, we work alongside international experts, and local leadership from developing communities to ensure that our programs are robust and impactful, all while ensuring that our initiatives address the long term systemic and endemic causes. We are a “no-frills” organization and group of impassioned volunteers, who have seen the plight of poverty-stricken families, and have dedicated our lives to ending this injustice in underserved and marginalized communities across the world — albeit an extensive task, we are united in our efforts to continue our work.


Wood and Water International Foundation was initially created to help bridge the gap in health care access and quality for people of African descent, living in the Diaspora and within continental Africa. Our initiative has since expanded, beyond the fundamental human right to health, to now include the fundamental right to clean water, adequate food, shelter and an income generating livelihood. To facilitate this change, we have grown our organization, and so too have we grown our strategies and plans; however, the founding principles and our work remain the same:

  1. Transparency and accountability to our beneficiaries as well as donors
  2. Inclusivity, empowerment and community building within marginalized groups
  3. Impact and Learning to constantly improve our programs
  4. Adaptive Projects to better suit the needs of the community
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Through our growing partnerships with grass-root organizations, local families, and volunteers that help to drive our projects, not only are we able to steadily alleviate the access gap in clean water and quality health and social services, but we are also empowering people, by changing lives for the better.

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The African Diaspora and Africa have been faced with disparities that challenge one’s very existence on a day-to-day basis. We depend on your generous support to bridge those gaps and to usher in a new reality, where the future of vitality and longevity is within everyone’s reach. You can support us through donation, partnership or by becoming a volunteer.